2024 Front Gallery: Mara Beckwith, Catherine Gibson, Bonnie Michell, Elaine Mills, Kat Murphy, Linda Peduzzi, Charles Shaw


2022 Front Gallery;

Eleanor Tamsky Paintings


Mara Beckwith and Eleanor Tamsky at the Opening

Show runs through November 30th, 2022

Also Featuring Catherine Gibson Glass Artist

On exhibit now in the back Gallery;

Mara Gillen Beckwith


Back Gallery:

           Jules Andre Smith


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Oct 14, 2020



Linda Peduzzi This fall, Studio M was to host an opening of Linda Peduzzi (oil painter) and John Tedeschi (printmaker and painter). This has been postponed until next year. We have been thinking about an outside viewing of their work, so everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable! We will keep you posted!!



 Oct 2019    

 Catherine Gibson October is a time when we celebrate the work of Catherine Gibson. She has been creating new works this past year, so please join us for the art opening! Mystic will be decked out for In the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we will also be donating to the L&M Early Detection Center. See you soon!

Apr 22, 2019



Celebrating 10 years! Where does the time go? Studio M will be celebrating 10 years in business this year. Soon we will be posting all of the details for the celebration! Exciting!!!! Hope you can come!! Please join us in celebrating 10 years of Studio M! Thank you for all of your support and love. We started in a small space on the Thames in Groton and quickly outgrew it. Found the great shop on Cottrell Street thanks to my good friend Kelley Cooper, and have been blessed ever since. Thanks to all of our loyal customers and for spreading the good word about our conservation framing!



Sep – Nov 11, 2017

Gigi Horr Liverant  Please join us as we welcome pastel artist Gigi Horr Liverant with a special opening night on Thursday the 14th of September from 6-8 pm at Studio M, llc.  She has worked with pastel and paint for over 30 years. This experience is evident in her choice of rich color and an investigation of perhaps a quiet moment into a journey for the beholder.

May 25 2017



Mara Gillen Beckwith This spring the 3rd Generation Artist will be featuring new landscape paintings from some of the most wonderful views in Mystic. We will be announcing an opening soon!



Dec 2016



LOCAL ARTISTS! That’s our success story, finding talented artists that we are proud to have in the Gallery!! This past month, Catherine Gibson glass artist is featured with a new series of votives. Also her offerings include small glass tiles and glass window gardens of a variety of sizes.Include in our December gallery are two Lyme Art alumni, Patricia Kitchings with her oil flower still lifes and Bernie McTigue plein air oil paintings. We also are offering readymade frames and custom framing, so stop in and see us!



Apr 18, 2016

Bernie McTigue  Visit the galley this month and next to view the local landscapes of Bernie McTigue oil painter. He was trained at Lyme Art Academy and the University of Connecticut and has been painting and teaching for several years. He has won several awards in his painting career and has won the prestigious John Stobart award.

Nov 6, 2015

Rodolfo Mari Join us for the opening artist reception for photographer Rodolfo Mari on Friday November 20th 6 pm - 8pm during the town wide gallery stroll.  Rodolfo Mari graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in photography. He found his grandfathers 35mm Contaflex camera with 3 Zeiss lenses buried in a closet when he was 13 years old. He deciphered the user manual that was written in spanish and from then on took pictures all the time. Rodolfo has worked in New York City as a fashion photographer and lived in Tokyo Japan doing fashion photography, CD covers and other photography. Rodolfo has traveled throughout the U.S. , Argentina, Spain, Denmark and Japan photographing commercial and personal projects. He now resides in Mystic CT.


Oct 16th, 2015 

Catherine Gibson Don’t miss this exciting viewing of Catherine’s new series “Vitreous Shrines”. Her glass work are exquisite, full of surprises; layered glass fused, vitreous painted, a visual delight!

August 30th, 2015



Beth Pite Pastel Painter will be exhibiting this month in the Gallery.The Opening reception will be on Saturday September 19th from 2:30 to 5:00 pm. Let’s extend a warm welcome to Beth and her new show:Romance Languages: Travels in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina and France.



August 4th 2015



Artist Friends of the Hollow; Eleanor Tamsky, Bibiana King, Ben Tamsky, Paul Centore, Catherine Gibson, Bernie McTigue, Sunil Howlader, Diane Skaleris and Mara Beckwith have their work on display for the month of August! This weekend August 8th and 9th is the Mystic Outside Art Festival so take some time to stop into Studio M and check out this great work!!



May 1st 2015



Featured artists are Martha Wakeman, Kim Abraham, Judy Spitz, Jak Cruthers, Delia Chumpitazi-Foye, Melinda Wells, Peggy Watkins, Claudia D. Kenyon, Elona Pawelzik, Anita Darin, Fran Baldwin, and Deb Pardue. They have each written about what inspires them to make art. Mara Beckwith will do a talk on May 22nd at 6:30. (This is a feature of the Mystic Downtown Art Stroll 6-9pm).



December 5th 2014

Pamela Ehrlich 5-8pm Artist Opening  Is there a place for modern icons in the art world?  Artist Pamela Ehrlich proves there is, with her series Saints of the Sea.  Educated in the almost-lost art of egg tempera painting, Ehrlich creates the same antique glow in her small gems, and the same awe for her subject matter, while making it clear that these are 21st century images. If the original purpose of icons was worship, but also education, Ehrlich’s icons fill the same void.  They can and should be admired as art, but they also remind us of stories we once knew and have forgotten, or stories we never knew at all.  These saints of the sea include stella maris, St Nicolas, and the patron saint of whales. We tend to think of icons as small reverent images painted centuries ago, sparkling with gold leaf and luminously jewel-toned from the light which refracts through layers and layers of hand-made egg tempera paint. Highly educated in the arts and humanities (University of Chicago, Harvard, Brandeis, and the Rhode Island School of Design), artist Ehrlich melds technique with subject so that the viewer receives the benefit of her talent as well as her knowledge. Ehrlich’s treasures will soon be collected in book form, but while you have the opportunity to see them in person, you should. by Elizabeth Cook

Oct 16th, 2014

Heather Gibson Lusk. Artist Opening November 7th 5-8 pm Show runs Nov 1st - 29th. Heather Gibson Lusk is a painter of small pictures with big impact.  Her still life’s of commonplace objects like vegetables and fruits and birds reveal the beauty in the ordinary.  And her skill lends a gravitas to her subject matter that reminds us that this moment, this everyday moment, is really all we have. There is a nesting pigeon about to bring life to a new generation.  And metal ware, stoneware, and baskets that can last for centuries. It is impossible not to think of the 18th century painter Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, famous for his own domestic still life’s.  Lusk brings a modern sensibility to an ancient genre.  And her paintings hold their own against the master’s. Lusk, who received her art education at the Lyme Academy College of Art, has painted all of her life, and shown and taught widely in the area. 

Sept 11, 2014  

Catherine Gibson October 3rd Artist Reception for  Glass Artist First Fridays in Mystic, all of the Art Galleries are open from 5 -8 pm, so join us at Studio M to welcome Glass Artist Catherine Gibson. 


Sept 5th 2014



Morgan Wilcox Beckwith



Morgan Wilcox Beckwith's current body of work employs the understanding of artist’s painting materials as well as those materials used by painting conservators in order to exploit texture and the delicious character of oil paint. "In combination with my focus on material within my paintings, my content therein dove tails accordingly. As painting can be an illusion of anything, I prefer this illusion to be something similar to its already luscious nature. I often smear paint right over my prop if the painting is not sticky and desirable enough. I melt things to make this happen, like chocolate or gummy bears. Matching colors and adding textures and oils for shine always makes my subject’s illusion more tactile. What I aim to convey in all my paintings is a visceral and uncontrollable reaction, one that urges the viewer to touch the surface of the painting" Morgan Beckwith.



August 10th 2014



Mystic Outdoor Art Festival It is a beautiful day in Mystic, CT and a wonderful Sunday to walk around the art filled streets. Don’t miss Cottrell Street as Studio M is open today until 4 pm. Mara Beckwiths’ large format floral paintings are on display. Her “chakra” series of  7 gelatin prints are also displayed in the front gallery. There are also local artists cards, prints and ready made frames on sale this month! Enjoy!!



July 3rd 2014,



Jennifer Holmes Studio M, llc welcomes Plein Air Oil Painter Jennifer Holmes to the Gallery. The show runs July 1st through the 30th during shop hours. Studio M is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am - 5 pm. Award winning artist: Elected Artist with Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, Lyme Art Association, Rockport Art Association, Northshore Art Association, Hudson Valley Art Association, Mystic Art Center, Connecticut Academy of Fine Artists and Academic Artists. Artist Memberships: Allied Artists of America, OPA, and ASMA. She says of her painting: "Plein Air Painting is my chosen discipline. I love being out in the elements. Like a good "read', so intent on painting, you are aware of nothing else. When you triumphantly close the "book", still full of the emotions and the mood of the place; you are still there. It's great when the viewer participates in this experience, getting caught up in the painting: feeling the mood, the weather, or the day. Jennifer Holmes is an award winning artist. Her paintings have won over 10 “Best In Show” and “First Place” Awards in recent years. She has been painting professionally for about 10 years. Her paintings would be a great asset to your increasing art collection!



May 21, 2014



John Tedeschi and Linda Peduzzi Please join in our "First Friday" opening to welcome painter Linda Peduzzi and printmaker/painter John Tedeschi. Linda's mixed media abstract oil paintings are her exploration of the process, to explore color, shape and stroke. Her work, colorful and rhythmic, and intuitively expressive is based on nature and natural forms. John's work is based on the figurative narrative. His woodblock series document his connection with his Italian American traditions. Show runs June 3rd through the 28th during shop hours Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm.



April 28, 2014



Laura Gaffke and Tina Hirsig Please welcome collaborative artists Laura Gaffe and Tina Hirsig to the gallery at Studio M, llc for the month of May 2014. Join us in a celebration of “First Friday” gallery stroll in Mystic this coming Friday evening from 5 pm - 8 pm. Tina will join Laura this month on Friday the 16th of May for a special gallery talk 5 - 7pm with the talk beginning at 6 pm. Laura Gaffke and Tina Hirsig are separated by over 800 miles on the east coast, but have maintained an active creative partnership for over eight years.  Conversations on the phone and written letters shared on their website act as catalyst for invention in their separate studios.  They are one another’s muses. In this exhibition you will witness these women contemplating the meaning of beauty.  Beauty is a topic that continually surfaced in their Vision/ReVision mail art project (read more about this project below). Using paint, found objects, drawing, and collage Laura and Tina have begun the work of understanding if beauty is an object, an idea, an innate part of the human spirit, or something else.  What is it about beauty that informs our choices, connections, and values we hold dear? May 16th 2014 Please come to an artist talk welcoming Laura Gaffke and Tina Hirsig. They will explain their process and development of their new series Vision-Re-Vision. Come and meet these two artists, who have been inspiring each other through their writings and artwork for years. Investigate their process and see how they may inspire you in some way! Opening starts at 5:00pm, talk at 6:00pm. Join us!!



April 4th 2014



Teresa Bonillo “The shirts and marks remind us that we are not alone, that we come from that which comes before us, and with whom we have been and will be connected. That our identities are part of an ongoing collective conscious, and that we are only as individual as circumstances and choices will allow.” Teresa A. Bonillo. The show runs April 1st through the 30th 2014.



January 25th 2014

Marcia Kettlehut  Please join us for a talk about the Chakras by Reikii practioner Marcia Kettlehut and a gelatin printmaking demonstration by Mara Gillen Beckwith.

Nov 2013



Wristlets on clearance..only $10 each while they last......Sale frames available too! Come see!!



Catherine Gibson, Mara Gillen Beckwith, Jennifer Holmes, Bernie McTigue Jennifer Sheridan, Ryan Sheridan, M.J. Brush December.



Dec 3rd 2013     



M.J. Brush “Among my earliest memories was time spent copying my father’s engraving books. The swirls and curves of the letters and scripts taught my hand patience, as well as control. When my eyes looked up at nature, those same shapes and curves were within my grasp. It has always been a blessing to me that such early training turned into my career as a scientific illustrator. Each day unfolds a new curiosity.  I believe that understanding light and form is key to creating a beautiful three-dimensional feel in a painting.” M. J. Brush.



Sep 24th, 2013     



Mara Beckwith Printmaking, Catherine Gibson Glasswork



Take some time this month to stop by Studio M and see the gelatin prints of owner/artist Mara Gillen Beckwith. Her featured printmaking is based on the Chakra system.      The front gallery is illuminated with the glass work of Catherine Gibson. Her layering of colors and imagery and objects is intriguing. Come by and see this beautiful work!



Sep 24th, 2013     

 Catherine Gibson As an artist Catherine is inspired by glass and the way light can be manipulated through it's liquid and magical properties.  The paints are made of finely ground glass and fired at 1200 degrees in a kiln.  Her current work involves fusing many layers of paint and colored glass until they become liquid; this creates interesting bubbles and textures in the glass as well as in the images themselves. Catherine enjoys sharing knowledge and skills with her students and teaches workshops throughout the year.  Each glass workshop is new and unique, this past year she worked with Haitian glass from the devastation left by the earthquake in Haiti.  Her students learned about the plight of the Haitian people and worked with tangible materials from their devastated country. There was great satisfaction in seeing them master new tools and design beautiful works in glass. Workshops for both youth and adults include Pawcatuck Middle School, The Noank Foundry, Enders Island, St. Mary’s Church in Groton and Our Lady of Lords in Gales Ferry. In her workshops, she provides a theme and all the materials for the students to create a unique project. Catherine is inspired by teaching and enjoys watching others become intrigued with glass work. Besides being a mother and a glass artist she is passionate about her volunteer work at the L&M hospital where she provides Gentle Touch and Guided Imagery to patients in pain.  For the past four years Catherine and her daughters work as Nationally Certified Pet Partner Teams with four year old Golden doodle “Comet”.   She loves her work with “Comet” and the patients and is especially proud and honored when she sees her daughters working with him to provide comfort to others.  Catherine Gibson Glass specializes in large and small Public installations and Commissions. Some of Gibson’s work can be seen in private and public venues such as the Pawcatuck Middle School and St. Mary’s Church in Groton CT.  Her independent work also includes extensive initiative and development of charitable fund raisers through the arts for the Good Samaritan Fund in conjunction with Yale, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, and the Joslin Diabetes Clinic. She also works with the local breast cancer task force in New London CT, as well as a public spokes person for early detection.  She has received many grants, commissions and fellowships as an independent artist.  Her home studio is located in Mystic, Connecticut, where she lives with her husband James, their three children Stanley, Catrina and Izzy and their three Golden doodles “Haley, Comet and Sarge”.The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.” Piet Mondrian

Sep 5th 2013

Alida Ferrari  Please join us in welcoming Alida Ferrari to the gallery this September. Alida is an award winning artist who has lived and worked in Connecticut for many years. She has exhibited throughout the region as well as internationally. She has a BA from Connecticut College and an MFA from University of Arizona. She has been a professor at Three RIvers Community College, UConn and Conn College. Her paintings and works on paper are strongly influenced by the natural world. Often her works are not necessarily descriptions but an interpretation that suggests the “atmosphere of the unconscious.” Often in her printmaking, she tries to respond to the elements of the process itself, which gives rise to the forms as well as the colors of her work.

July 13, 2013



Jennipher Pickford and Ryan Sheridan “Many thanks are in order to those friends and family who came out to support Ryan and I last night! Even if you didn't buy anything last night, you have all month to go back to Studio M, llc & contemplate which one of our photos you'd like on your wall...or maybe a gift for someone else! Thank you to Mara for hosting us!” Jennipher Pickford.



July 13, 2013



Jennifer Holmes Please help us welcome Plein Air Oil Painter Jennifer Holmes on Saturday July 13th from 5 pm - 7 pm. Her paintings will be on display in the Gallery from July 2nd through July 31st 2013.



June 29th 2013 
Bike Share Mystic Benefit OUTSIDE EVENT 10 am - 5 pm

BIKE SHARE MYSTIC Donations will help with yearly maintenance costs of the bike fleet. 10 % of all sales will be donated to BIKE SHARE MYSTIC Please join us for a fun and exciting event, to benefit Bike Share Mystic. To start we are offering a guided bike ride on River road (11:00 am, $5 suggested donation) for visitors and an invite back to Studio M for hot coffee or iced tea and cookies. Studio M has asked a few friends to join in an Outside Antique and Art Sale. Bike Share Mystic will also have a table to sell T-shirts, and some unique souvenirs of Mystic; engraved segments of the old G&S Trolley track that ran through Mystic years ago. 10 % of the days’ sales will go to Bike Share Mystic!

June 15th 2013



Bernie McTigue Demo Next Saturday, Oil Painter Bernie McTigue will offer a free artist demonstration for anyone who is interested in learning how to paint. He will talk about how he approaches the subject matter and will share his process as he paints. Bernie often states that the process of bringing a painting to completion, from the initial blank canvas to a finished painting is, more often than not, for him, the most exciting aspect of painting. Bernie studied at UConn and received his BFA from Lyme Academy of  Fine Art where he was awarded the John Stobart Fellowship. He has his work in several galleries in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and Maryland. He won the award of distinction from the Salmungundi Club of New York. He teaches at the Mystic Art Center and privately. Come and enjoy watching how a professional artist works.



May 30th, 2013

Mara Gillen Beckwith  This month will be a busy one, Mara will display her paintings and prints in the Gallery. June 8th is Connecticut Open House Day and Studio M is offering a $25 discount for custom framing of diplomas. June 15th Bernie McTigue, featured artist in May will be doing an artist demonstration from 2 - 4 pm. On June 29th we are planning a special event to benefit the local Bike Share Mystic...details to follow!

May 4, 2013



Mystic Spring Festival May 4th Please join us at Studio M for the Mystic Spring Festival this coming Saturday. All of the shops and restaurants are having specials and want to welcome the beautiful weather and have customers enjoy a wonderful day in Mystic! Lots of events are planned for the entire family, so stop in and enjoy a free raffle for a botanical print and a coupon for 20$ off custom framing of $100 or more. The shop interior has been greatly improved so take this opportunity to visit and see the new gallery featuring Bernie McTigue for the month of May. (Oil painting above by Bernie McTigue).



April 27th, 2013

Bernie McTigue Please join us this month in the gallery to welcome Bernie McTigue during an opening reception May 16th Thursday evening 5 - 9 pm at Studio M, 29 Cottrell Street, Mystic. Bernie McTigue enjoys painting on location, he travels throughout New England, and also as far as Nova Scotia and Maryland. Bernie participates in Plein Aire competitions and events, both locally and across the country. His artwork is not limited to landscapes. Portraits and still life works appear throughout his diverse portfolio. Exhibiting extensively, he participates in various art exhibitions and benefits whenever the opportunity arisesInitially attending the University of Connecticut he went on from there to continue his studies at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art. There he was awarded the John Stobart Fellowship as he received his BFA along with his first one man show. Currently an Elected member of the Connecticut Plein Aire Painters Society (CPAPS), and the Lyme Art Association, he is also affiliated with many local art associations; The New Haven Paint and Clay Club, Lyme Art Association, Mystic Art Center, Essex Art Association, Guilford Art Society, and the Madison Art Society.  He has displayed his work in various art galleries in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and Maryland. Bernie has won awards of distinction in such exhibitions as the Salmungundi Club Annual Open Exhibition, (Gamblin Color Award 2009), the Hudson Valley Art Association annual exhibition, (Rayma Spaulding Award 2009 ) including various awards at local exhibitions.
    Most recently, Bernie won a First Place in the, "John Stobart Fellowship Award Winners: 1989-2011 Exhibition" held at the Firehouse Square Gallery in New London, CT in 2011. As a result of the award he exhibited a one man show at The Gallery at Firehouse Square in June 2012. He has taught privately and professionally at several art centers, the Artisan's Harbor Gallery, the Mystic Art Center, Maple and Main Gallery, the Middlesex Community Continuing Ed. and, the New London Continuing Ed programs.

April 23, 2013

‘Spirit of the Doughboy’ is ‘Back Where it Belongs’ at Old Lyme’s Memorial Town Hall

Former Old Lyme First Selectman Timothy Griswold hangs the new plaque acknowledging the restored ‘Spirit of the Doughboy.’

A small group of local dignitaries, residents and Old Lyme Town Hall employees along with the professionals involved in the restoration of The Spirit of the Doughboy – a large pastel drawing by Albert Herter — gathered yesterday evening in the town hall lobby to celebrate the return of the restored drawing.  The iconic drawing has been hanging over the main stairway in the Memorial Town Hall since 1920, but was removed for safekeeping during the renovation of the Town Hall from 2008 to 2010.  Based upon a subsequent evaluation by Jennifer Lacker of J. London Appraisals, the drawing underwent conservation treatment by Sarah Dove (Fine Art Conservation) and was reframed by Mara Gillen Beckwith (Studio M Framing).

       Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts alumna Morgan Wilcox interns for both the conservator and the framer, and had also been involved in all stages of the restoration process. Local contractor Michael Magee returned the drawing to its home above the stairway earlier this month. Referring to the title of the drawing, First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder explained during the reception that soldiers were nicknamed ‘Doughboys’ during World War I.  The term GI was only introduced in the Second World War. Reemsnyder commented on the great improvement in the quality of the painting subsequent to its restoration, noting, “how beautiful it came out.”  Dove, the conservator who had worked on restoring the drawing, pointed out that, in fact, the “bright colors had never faded,” but the double layer of glass over the artwork had been “infiltrated … with a lot of dirt,” which was obscuring their vibrancy. Dove noted the drawing was originally done as a poster and had been repaired at some point.  It was so fragile that it had required “a huge sheet of machine-made paper stretched over linen and reinforced structurally,’ to support it.  Ultimately the restored drawing was covered with museum quality acrylic, making it significantly lighter.  When asked by one of the guests at the reception, the new weight of the work, the framer responded by recalling to laughter that it had taken four people to remove the painting, but only two to replace it. Beckwith also noted that the task of reframing the drawing was a complex one and she had been forced to develop, “a huge checklist of how to approach it.” The drawing was hung there when the building was first opened and is believed to have been a donation from W.E.S. Griswold.  The post-World War I Committee charged with creating a memorial to those who had given their lives during the war included former First Selectman Timothy Griswold’s grandfather.In honor of that family connection, Reemsnyder invited former First Selectman Timothy Griswold to hang the new plaque acknowledging details of the restored drawing. Artist Albert Herter, a contemporary of John Singer Sargent and James McNeil Whistler, is most known for his World War I “Liberty Bond” posters. After thanking all those involved in the restoration and Griswold for his family’s donation of the drawing originally, Reemsnyder concluded the ceremony saying of the drawing, “I’m very happy to have it back where it belongs.”

Feb 6th, 2013



Annie Wildey Feb 6th, 2013 “Water, a subject in motion, constantly changing, being pushed, pulled, wiped away and recreated. I work at the combative edge where the paint seems to want to push out into chaotic abstraction, but the image pulls back against that force toward representation. Through this battle between freedom and control, I hope to convey the energy and movement of the subject making the image and the surface activated and alive.” - Annie Wildey Join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday April 11, 2013 from 5pm to 8pm




Feb 6, 2013



Annie Wildey British painter and printmaker Annie Wildey will be the featured artist at Studio M during the month of April 2013. Annie will present her new series of oil paintings, “Water.”



October 29th, 2012



Catherine Gibson’s show has been cancelled due to storm Sandy. There will be a warm welcome for glass artist Catherine Gibson when we re-open. She has had a very productive year creating commissioned glass pieces for several clients. Above is a detail of a panel of “the Holy Spirit” that was commissioned by the Holly Family for Saint Mary’s Church in Groton, CT. Catherine has integrated her glass sculptures with iron stands built by blacksmith Clint Wright.



Sept 30, 2012

Sarah Mae Smedley Please welcome gelatin printmaker Sarah Mae to the front Gallery of Studio M from 5 - 8 pm on the first Thursday of the month, October 4th during Mystic's Evening Art Stroll. The exhibit will be on display from Oct 2nd through October 31st during shop hours, Tuesdays thru Saturdays 10 am - 5 pm.

August 14th, 2012

Beth Pite  Please come to our opening reception for Beth Pite September 6th, 2012 from 5 pm - 8 pm. Beth’s vibrant expressive color scapes of pastel will be on display. Here is a quote from Beth about her work; “My art is about color, energy and capturing the essence of something rather than an exact likeness. Using loose, gestural strokes of vibrant color, I want to show how it felt to be there, instead of just copying what my camera records. My paintings often suggest a vignette, a human story in intriguing settings like festivals, parks, city streets or the shoreline. By favoring color, form and movement over exact representations of the subjects, I create an enhanced reality which prompts a more profound viewer response.”

August 2, 2012

Joanne Scavetta  Dear friends, Please welcome Joanne Scavetta to the front gallery this month. Hopefully you are having a wonderful summer and we can see you next Thursday for our opening artist reception from 5:00 pm

July 15, 2012



Jody Silver and Judy Laffey The warm summer days are upon us and the gallery is filled with the complex and whimsical sculptures of Judith Laffey and Jody Silver. Judith Laffey’s work consists of wrapped and woven fiber over wire, sometimes accented with unusual beads or feathers. Jody Silver draws upon her background of being a children’s book author and illustrator to create in three dimensional, wooden figurines that capture a whimsical moment in time. The back gallery features the paintings of Mara Gillen Beckwith, some figurative paintings and also her prints “Chakra Series”.



to 8:00 pm. (The Mystic Art Stroll is usually the first Thursday of the month, so sorry for any confusion! ) Please bring a friend and be ready to view her exquisitely and precisely executed oil still life paintings. WONDERFUL!!! Next weekend is the art festival Saturday and Sunday and we will be open those days. Hope to see you!! Mara    CHECK OUT our “for sale” page for images of Joanne’s paintings!


June 7th, 2012

Laura Gaffke  Her “Joyful Moment Series” body of work is the result of her affirmation to produce positive inspired art. First she meditates and then starts layering on the paint, so each painting starts from an abstract painting underneath the final painting. She is vibrant and and bold in her color palette, and brings forth her jubilant spirit into each painting.

May 3rd, 2012



Susan Kenney Spring has definitely Sprung at Studio M, llc!!! Please join us in the gallery this month and tomorrow evening, as we welcome Artist Susan Kenney for a grand opening reception from 5 until 8 pm. If you’ve been feeling sad or trying to wish the blues away...... it is mandatory that you come and view the vibrant canvases on display!!!! You will leave with a smile!! Hope to see you all soon!



March 15, 2012

Rosamund Christison  We are busy this month getting ready for the upcoming exhibit in the front Gallery! The Opening will be April 5th 5 pm to 8 pm, during Mystic’s Art Stroll Evening (First Thursday of the Month). Mark your calendars right now so you don’t miss this wonderful exhibit and celebration!

March 2012

       In like a Lion out like a Lamb? Dear friends, I’m writing early this first day of March, as my rescue “all night out” cat named Clara, wanted to come in at 4:30 am!! Soaking wet and hungry she purred ever so loudly that I was kind enough to save her from the cold March rains! However, I am thankful of it just being rain, as the memories of the trudging through snow last year are still a whisper away! I’m looking forward to spring and the renewed energy that comes along with it. The shop has been very busy this winter, thanks to everyone for stopping in with your art work! There has been quite a bit of conservation work and framing, owners cherishing their artwork and having it conserved to stop the growth of mold, and then framing it properly. What a joy to see these beautiful artworks revived!!  A few of the framing reps have been in to show me the “new” frames for 2012, so come by soon to check them out! The front gallery will be featuring the paintings of Rosamund Christison this coming April. The opening will be during the Mystic Art Stroll, April 5th, First Thursday 5-8pm. The Stonington Printmakers Society will be exhibiting at the Cate Charles Gallery on Water Street Stonington, April 6th opening 5-8pm. Looks like an exciting spring to come! Mara